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Life in the Moment Services

       Mindfulness & Healing


 Natural relaxation and self-healing techniques personalized to fit ANY person's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs

  • Variety of guided meditations 

  • Mindfulness in the classroom

  • Workplace meditation and mindfulness

  • Open and mindful communication

  • Meditation and healing with crystals

  • Reiki (Individual or self-guided group)

  • Sound healing

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Where do we work?

  • In-home (individual & group)

  • Classrooms/Camps


  • Outdoors

  • Offices/Corporate retreats

  • Hotels

  • Fitness studios and gyms

  • Libraries

  • Places of worship

  • Natural/holistic health offices

  • Online/Remote sessions

One of the most exciting things about Life in the Moment is that the location options are endless! Our cameras, equipment, and workshop tools are all portable, so we can meet you almost anywhere! We're always open to suggestions for new cities and locations to visit!

Who uses our services?

  • People in need of balance and release

  • Survivors of trauma and loss


  • Veterans

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • Parents (biological and custodial)

  • Grandparents

  • Nannies/childcare providers


  • Healthcare providers

  • Anyone involved in raising children!


Our customizable services allow us to support people of all ages, at any stage in their journeys. We are honored to have the opportunity to meet so many amazing people!

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