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Reiki is a form of relaxation, stress-reduction, and energy healing where a practitioner uses their hands and sometimes other modalities to facilitate the release and balancing of energy. I enjoy utilizing natural tools like aromatherapy, stretching, breathing techniques, crystals, and sound healing instruments in my private sessions.  Although there are many different styles of Reiki and ways to practice it, the intention is to focus on the “Universal Life Force” and how to balance it. 











The person receiving Reiki can be in any position that is comfortable to them, most prefer lying down or sitting in a chair. There is no certain clothing required, as the goal is to be comfortable. When our environment and bodies are comfortable, we are able to better focus on our intention for the session and allow our bodies to heal.

Throughout the session, the practitioner will move their hands over different parts of the receiver’s body, concentrating on the 7 most common Chakras, then legs, ankles, and feet. As they move their hands to each area, they have been trained to feel the changes in the flow of energy and help the body to release and balance it. Some practitioners will hover their hands closely over the body, while others may choose to use light physical contact in some places. I am sometimes led to touch a client’s cheeks, knees, ankles, and feet, and will always discuss consent before our sessions begin.

* Since each practitioner and their sessions are unique, I encourage you to find a practitioner that you feel like you connect with- I am always happy to recommend other practitioners in the area if needed. Just like with counselors, doctors, coaches or guides, the energy between the two of you is the most important aspect of your time together. 

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