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Meet Adrienne


Throughout her own personal journey, Life in the Moment's owner, Adrienne Carci, has learned that maintaining balance and living our own personal truth is a life-long journey. She believes that just like our physical health requires consistent and mindful effort, caring for our mental and spiritual health should be a part of our daily lives. Experiencing different ways we can help to naturally heal our own minds, bodies, and souls lead Adrienne to start Life in the Moment. She is honored to have been a safe space for many people and strives to share that energy with everyone.



Over the course of 15 years, Adrienne's casual interest in mindfulness education, natural healing, and photography has grown into a passion. In 2016, her spiritual journey began to focus on healing her mind, body and soul when she became pregnant with her son less than three months after losing her father. She learned about  mindfulness, breathing, meditation, and other natural healing techniques as tools to balance the variety of emotions that we experience in our everyday lives. Realizing the ways that those tools can help us all to be more calm and balanced people, Adrienne worked to become a Positive Discipline Association certified instructor and pursue Meditation and Reiki certifications through Living Life Limitlessly. Sharing these amazing tools with friends, family, and any person open enough to learn has become an incredibly important part of Adrienne's personal and professional journeys.







The wide variety of those personal and professional experiences has allowed Adrienne to get to know so many amazingly different people, in various stages of their own lives. After graduating from Mauldin High School in 2003, she worked as an Administrative Assistant in the mental health field as she obtained an Associates in Human Services from Greenville Technical College. Several years later, she earned a Bachelor of Social Work, with a minor in Psychology, while working in the Human Resources field. Throughout her education, she also received multiple additional certificates with focuses on Death & Dying, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health, and has experience working in both hospices and group counseling settings. Many of these experiences gave her the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and taught her one of the most valuable things she will ever learn- in order to connect with people, we must accept them exactly where they are in that moment. 

Living in Greenville, South Carolina since 1993, Adrienne is honored to call it home. Although she travels both domestically and internationally, Greenville is still one of her favorite places!  The combination of people, cultures, art, and incredible photo opportunities has turned traveling into another one of her passions. With extensive experience working in the group travel industry and visiting Columbia, Charleston, Charlotte, and Atlanta to promote mindfulness and positive discipline, Adrienne is always open to bring Life in the Moment's programs to new places!



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