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Offering mindfulness & meditation services,
in-person and virtually, for people of ALL ages



Welcome, I'm Adrienne- a social worker turned Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor, Conscious Parenting Guide, and Energy Worker. I'm passionate about guiding people of any age, at any place in their journey, in using mindfulness, meditation, and energy work to experience more balance. Balance can meet something different to each of us, based on our needs- more feelings of peace and calm, better quality sleep, emotional balance, increased focus and clarity, physical comfort, mindful communication, and more joy are all signs of a balanced nervous system. Using tools like meditation, breathwork, music, movement, journaling, and energy release, anyone can experience more balance in their lives. 

Adrienne Carci

Owner & Instructor

Weekly Mindfulness Sessions


Community & Family Mindfulness Night

ALL are welcome at this fun & casual session (yes, even your "loud and wild" kids). We take time to get wiggles out, practice stillness, connect with each other, and learn about different forms of mindfulness & meditation. 


Music-focused Meditation

This unique session combines music, bass, and lights to facilitate emotional balance and healing. With a playlist filled with R&B, Motown, reggae, Hip-Hop, instrumentals, and affirmation music, we connect to ourselves. There are no choreographed movements, just be as you are.


Sound Healing Journey

With instruments like crystal singing bowls, drums, chimes, bells, shakers, and tuning forks, this session brings us deep into a meditative space- and may even lull you to sleep. In this meditative space, our bodies can rest, relax, and heal. 

Private & Group Resources


School & Homeschool
Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness for Educational Spaces can be customized to meet the needs of any ages and styles of educational spaces. Programs ranging from single workshops to 6-week Social Emotional Learning series, there are many ways to help students and educators experience mindfulness.


Workspace & Office
Mindfulness Programs

Introducing mindfulness into the workplace with these programs can help employees build community, encourage mindful communication among staff, and raise both morale and productivity. 


Mindfulness Graphics
for Kids and Adults

Re"mind"ers are one of the most important parts of mindfulness. These graphics help us to slow us down and remember the tools we've learned along our journey. They are great for homes, offices, and educational spaces.  Sizing is customizable, with discounts on bulk orders. 


One-on-One Private
Mindfulness Sessions

This private session can be personalized to meet your mindfulness needs, wherever you are on your journey. 

  • Guided Meditation and Breathwork

  • Sound Healing

  • Energy Work/Reiki

  • Conversational Guidance


Children's & Family
Mindfulness Sessions

These private sessions guide families in experiencing more balance, joy, and ease in their every day lives. With a combination of casual conversation and practicing different mindfulness techniques, we identify areas where mindfulness can help, and ways to apply it. 


Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching Programs

During the times we need more guidance, coaching sessions are available. In these sessions, we discuss your intentions and goals, as well as different mindfulness practices you enjoy. Together, we create a mindfulness plan you can work through at your own pace.

Stay connected for local and online offerings 


Not Your Mama's Mindfulness
Facebook Community

An international FB community focused on all things mindfulness, healing, and real life


Nectar Community
Co-working & event Space

An amazing space I'm honored to be a member of, along with other wonderful practitioners

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LUVERS of Greenville
Facebook Collective

A local FB community cultivating a 

deeper sense of community

Experience & Resources

  Training & Certifications

  • Bachelor of Social Work, minor in Psychology- Limestone College

  • Associates in Human Services- Greenville Technical College

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor- AYM Fitness​

  • Conscious Parenting Guide- Positive Discipline Assoc.

  • Sound Healing Practitioner- Life Changing Energy

  • Reiki Practitioner/Trainer- Living Life Limitlessly

  • Public Service Cert.- Death & Dying- Limestone College

  • Public Service Cert.- Substance Abuse- Limestone College

  • Public Service Cert.- Mental Health- Limestone College

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Life in the Moment was born in 2019, as I explored my own personal journey with mindfulness. I've been gifted with the ability to meet people exactly where they are on their journey and am honored to be able to help them feel safe and comfortable in those moments. I believe that with the appropriate support, anybody can discover mindfulness and meditation practices that they resonate with. Guiding people in experiencing emotional balance, focus, peace of mind, and quality sleep has become one of my favorite parts my work. 

I teach both traditional and unique mindfulness practices, because I want people to understand the variety of tools available to them. Sure, traditional silent meditation is an option, but so is wiggling and making silly noises... Or safely smacking a pillow... Or journaling... Or singing your favorite song in the shower... Or bouncing a ball... Or laying in the grass watching clouds... Or dancing in the rain... I could go on for days, but you get the idea... Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment, without judgement, and the options are nearly endless! Being the primary parent to my son and navigating the world of mindful parenting has taught me so many ways we can live in the moment! 

People deserve to have options. They deserve to know that it's natural to feel multiple emotions at once and that all of their feelings are valid. They deserve to feel heard, seen, and supported. 

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